6th Steering Committee of the SAMT SUDOE project

Last April, 4th– 5th, it was held the 6th Steering Committee of the SAMT SUDOE project at CENTIMFE facilities in Marinha Grande (Portugal). Its aim was to arrange the last details of the Open Educational Resource (OER) and the demonstrators, the two remaining results.

The agenda was set for the partners to prepare a review of the undertaken actions. It allowed putting in common the bottlenecks observed during the execution of the project, register the risks found and to set out other information such as the technical evaluation and financial reports.

Two results have been already issued; the technological roadmap and the collaborative platform. The roadmap will be updated and re-published in short. Some details of the platform will be fixed while the users registration is promoted.

The other two results, the OER and the demonstrators are in its final development stage. In short the OER will be presented in the planned events. These events will also display the results on the accomplishment of the technical requirements, functionality and the results of measuring the performance of the demonstrators.

This Advanced materials and Key enabling technologies focused project will bring to the industry an awareness on the possibilities their implementation provide them. Therefore, this important factor will contribute to increase the added value of the organisations that aim to be updated on state-of-the-art manufacturing systems and materials.

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