6th Steering Committee of the SAMT SUDOE project

Last April, 4th– 5th, it was held the 6th Steering Committee of the SAMT SUDOE project at CENTIMFE facilities in Marinha Grande (Portugal). Its aim was to arrange the last details of the Open Educational Resource (OER) and the demonstrators, the two remaining results. The agenda was set for the partners to prepare a review...
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SAMT SUDOE participation in the AM-Motion

Last November, 15th,2017 it was held in Oeiras the event organised by the AM-Motion H2020 CSA project. Its aim was to determine a “strategic approach to increasing Europe’s value proposition for Additive Manufacturing technologies and capabilities”. Within the event structure, the organisers provide the appropriate tools to put in common the way each AM European...
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SAMT SUDOE project at IN3DUSTRY Congress

From 3rd to 5th October the event IN(3D)USTRY was held in Barcelona. This congress has become a manufacturing global hub for additive and advanced technologies. Its aim is to articulate and work on how the 3D Printing industry can provide new possibilities to cover manufacturers’ needs, giving new solutions to their problems. According to the...
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Workshop presentations 2017

Presentations made in the three countries, Spain, France and Portugal, during the workshops held during May-June 2017. Only available for download with the password provided to the attendants.

Workshop about Additive Manufacturing and Advanced Materials in France – SAMT SUDOE Project

Last June, 1st ENSCBP (Bordeaux INP) hosted the Workshop on Metallic Additive Manufacturing and Advanced Materials, organized by the Institut de Chimie de la Matière Condensée de Bordeaux (ICMCB-CNRS). The program included 14 talks. The event was attended by 50 persons from different companies, stakeholders of the Nouvelle Aquitaine region, academic laboratories, technical centres, and...
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With about 100 participants, mostly coming from companies, it was held on last 18th May 2017 in CENTIMFE-Portugal, the Technical Seminar on Additive Manufacturing and Advanced Materials: MANUFACTURING the FUTURE at INDUSTRY 4.0. The topics were presented by the partners SAMT SUDOE Project; by a Member Company, an entity from the Scientific System and also...
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