The demonstrators developed at SAMT SUDOE show different capabilities and advantages of additive manufacturing. The following demonstrators have been developed:

Different Finishes

A piece chess shows different finishing possibilities after manufacture with different levels of detail, as well as the advantages that can be obtained using this technology.

Manufacturing Parameters

A series of cubic figures show the different structural finishes depending on the parameters used, laser intensity vs speed.

Topological Optimization

An optimized airplane component shows how the multiple possibilities in design, allow to obtain pieces with similar capacities and less weight.

Injection mould for short series

Mould manufactured with additive manufacture in a reduced time for the realization of a short series of injection.

Thermoforming Mould

Mould manufactured with this technology, with a complex geometry at a reduced cost.


With the Augmented Reality APP you can interact with the demonstrators made in the project. Download it and find out more about the benefits of demonstrators!