Workshop about Additive Manufacturing and Advanced Materials in France – SAMT SUDOE Project

Last June, 1st ENSCBP (Bordeaux INP) hosted the Workshop on Metallic Additive Manufacturing and Advanced Materials, organized by the Institut de Chimie de la Matière Condensée de Bordeaux (ICMCB-CNRS). The program included 14 talks. The event was attended by 50 persons from different companies, stakeholders of the Nouvelle Aquitaine region, academic laboratories, technical centres, and PhD and engineering students.

Early in the morning, Stéphane Gorsse (French partner in the Project) welcomed the attendants and made a brief introduction into the workshop’s topic and the ICMCB’s activities in the field of Metallic Additive Manufacturing and Advanced Materials.

Next, Alejandro Fernández de Mera, Project manager at CEIV, hold a presentation on SAMT SUDOE project (, which framed this event. Then, Rui Soares from CENTIMFE, Portuguese partner in the project, presented the results of the survey undertaken in France, Portugal and Spain with the aim of knowing the grade of knowledge and deployment of these technologies within the companies.

After these three opening presentations, the morning was divided in two parts: (i) talks related to the manufacturing value chain for selective laser melting were presented by Nicolas Saintier (ENSAM, FURTURPROD project) and Jérôme Ibarzo (TECNALIA), and (ii) my thesis in 15 mins gave the opportunity to PhD students (Cassiopée Galy, Jonathan Stef, Rémi Lacoste, and Bastien Vaysette) from the Nouvelle Aquitaine region (thanks to the SF2M section sud-ouest) to speak about their thesis work in the field of additive manufacturing of metals.

During the lunch, a matchmaking was held to favour the discussion between the participants and to initiate new collaborative projects. This was a fruitful exchange between academics, industrials and students.

In the afternoon, Matthias De Sousa (WeAre Aerospace) and Charlotte Mayer (Erasteel) gave an overview on the various techniques available to produce spherical powders of metallic alloys for additive manufacturing. Stéphane Godet (Université Libre de Bruxelles) presented his work on the microstructures and mechanical properties of titanium alloys processed by selective electron beam melting (SEBM). Luc Aixala (CEA-LITEN) provided an overview of the studies on metallic additive manufacturing performed at the CEA-LITEN. Finally Victor Arnoux (Granta Design) showed a new software package enabling the management and analysis of the materials and process information for development and production of additively manufactured parts.

SAMT SUDOE Project, is co-funded by the Interreg Sudoe Programme that supports regional development in Southwest Europe financing transnational projects Interreg Sudoe Programme supports regional development in Southwest Europe financing transnational projects.

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