Workshop about Additive Manufacturing and Advanced Materials in Spain – SAMT SUDOE Project

Last May, 4th ACTIU hosted the Workshop on Additive Manufacturing and Advanced Materials, organized by the “Clúster de Empresas Innovadoras del Valle del Juguete” (CEIV). The event was attended by 40 persons from different companies and entities.

In the first block of presentations, Jorge Ramis, president of CEIV (organizer) and Joaquín Vilaplana, AIJU’s innovation director (coordinator of the project), welcomed the attendants and made a brief introduction into the workshop’s topic.

Figure 1. Different presentations were made along the morning

In a second block, Alejandro Fernández de Mera, Project manager at CEIV, hold a presentation on SAMT SUDOE project (, which framed this event. Then, Rui Soares from CENTIMFE, Portuguese partner in the project, presented the results of the survey undertaken in France, Portugal and Spain with the aim of knowing the grade of knowledge and deployment of these technologies within the companies.

After that, Mohamed Gouné from ICMCB, French partner in the Project, made a presentation about the relation and application of advanced materials in Additive Manufacturing and the work developed by the entity in this field.

The round table on success stories, held different presentations. First of all, Nacho Sandoval from AIJU gave a global overview on Additive Manufacturing and its application in the mould sector. Ignacio Garrido from COMHER, as technology provider, displayed a success story based in the application of AM technologies in the electric material field and different progress they achieved on this regard. Ignacio García from RECREUS, showed its innovative flexible filament they developed for 3D printers. Finally Enrique Sarabia, from SARABIA PLASTICS, described how Additive Manufacturing has been applied to the production of thermoformed moulds, as well as the advantages they obtained.

At the end, Joaquí Collado from IVACE, described public funding calls available at the “Generalitat Valenciana” level.

During the lunch, a matchmaking and idea generation

session was held. In this section, companies discussed on different topics such as how to adopt the technologies and in which fields of application would the result be more interesting to apply. Other topics arose such as the need of reducing technology costs, improving the level of tolerance achieved and the development of new materials with new properties that can be used in additive manufacturing.

In the end, there were a visit to AIJU facilities, where the Additive Manufacturing available in the RTD were shown and its related work was introduced.

Figure 2 – Visit to AIJU facilities

SAMT SUDOE Project, is co-funded by the Interreg Sudoe Programme that supports regional development in Southwest Europe financing transnational projects Interreg Sudoe Programme supports regional development in Southwest Europe financing transnational projects.

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