SAMT SUDOE will provide a presentation on additive manufacturing at the most important mould event in Europe

The week of the 1st to the 4th of October 2018 is celebrated, in Marinha Grande (Portugal), “Moulds Event” the most important event in Europe dedicated to moulds. It will involve companies from various manufacturing sectors, technology centres and students of the various topics related to the moulds and processing of plastic products.

The SAMT SUDOE project partners will present the technological roadmap and the collaborative platform, two of the results generated through this initiative. In this paper will also address how companies can integrate additive manufacturing technologies applied to the sector of the transformation of plastics and metal in their processes, promoting, in this way, its use.

On the other hand, SAMT SUDOE together with ADDISPACE (INTERREG SUDOE project related to additive manufacturing applied to the aeronautical sector) will organize a Networking with the purpose of making a common sharing of the developments obtained and the exchange of good practices related to the implementation of these technologies in companies.

During the event you can visit an exhibition of the different moulds obtained with different technologies (SLM, PolyJet, Vacuum casting, CNC, etc.) in different manufacturing processes of plastic parts (injection, rotational moulding, thermoforming, blowing, etc.). all of them contributed by SAMT SUDOE partners.


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